Hello, everyone.

And I don't self-indulge here. I realize that right now, everyone is really just me.  

I built samfields.com in an effort to legitimize my freelance career, a career path that I love and still have a lot to learn from. I've always loved stories--both reading and telling them. In school, writing them took up most of my time. I let it get away from me for a few years when my job in music didn't require it, but it manifested itself inside me in all kinds of ways: in my car, cooking dinner, and on hikes I would unconsciously write stories in my head, most of which never made it to paper. When I worked for a band and was working their shows, I watched and envied the music journalists and photographers in the front row as they were spinning out the ways in which they could tell the story of the night, something I did myself but never recognized as a direction.

When I started writing about music in Denver, it opened me up. Not just to working on the side that I always felt I should be on, and not even specifically to music, but to feeling as close to my true self as I ever had.

Since then, I've continued to write in as many capacities as I possibly can. Music writing gave way to food writing, food writing to a position as a pitch writer and publicist for a firm that specialized in food and food personalities. The beauty of leaving stability for a feast-or-famine existence is the ability to shift from role to role--one day I'll write about a new distillery opening, the next I could write a show review. Last year my boyfriend Casey and I stumbled across a beautiful little travel book about Nashville, a find that gave me a dream opportunity to help write a travel guide and a mentor that I will always look to for inspiration. 

So whether it's sharing a recipe, a book recommendation, or more likely, ramblings to be ignored, this is my new place for them. I hope I can tell the story of my journey well, and if you're out there listening, I'm both surprised and grateful.